Week 21 – Mayday! Mayday!

In this week’s lesson, Haanel points out something which hit me between the eyes. Blindsided.

21.16. If the desire is one which requires determination, ability, talent, courage, power or any other spiritual power, these are necessary essentials for your picture; build them in; they are the vital part of the picture; they are the feeling which combines with thought and creates the irresistible magnetic power which draws the things you require to you. They give your picture life, and life means growth, and as soon as it beings to grow, the result is practically assured.

It seems that I have the picture in my mind and have been driving towards the “end point”, the person I will be after I have climbed the mountain, not the person I need to be to actually do the climbing. How could I have missed this important point?

Short blog, big task ahead. I believe I have inadvertently been preparing to be a 3 Star General without ever having gone through Basic Training. Gotta go, there’s a shitload of pushups to do!

(please don’t tell Dr. J.  He might just call on Big Vinnie & have him blow smoke in my face while chastising me for my utter lack of competence….)

Dang, only 5 weeks to get this straight.

17 thoughts on “Week 21 – Mayday! Mayday!

  1. Daniel Hanscom

    Awesome post and insight, Rex! The same phrase hit me pretty hard as well! I have full confidence that you’ll get there… one step, or one pushup, at a time! Once you’ve created the result in your mind, though, it already exists… The ‘you’ that you intend to become already exists… Your pushups will simply bring your inner reality out. Again, excellent blog. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. smithgwaynemkmma

    Rex, I’m glad and relieved to know someone else got hit between the eyes, you think your doing it and then you read this, BAM, lights out. Wake up and rub your throbbing face, realizing that the growth is from the beginning. I am with you.

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