Week 22A – Hope

OK – I’m still here. 20+ weeks of reading stuff that’s hard to comprehend, repetitive daily reading of a book (and a pretty good one at that), forcing myself to actually achieve some little goals, being nice to people, and listening to the Big J get excited every Sunday.

I remind me of some of the cars that would come into the body shop. Pieces of crap, neglected, rotting away. Every bolt requiring a blowtorch to loosen and every piece of rubber or plastic cracked and faded. Personal control of my mind? -NOT!  Neglect, years of neglect. Not that I didn’t learn stuff, it just hasn’t been the kind of stuff that makes one a “better person”, well, unless learning how to get up backwards on a slalom ski, deepwater, suffices as “better person” trait. Heck, nobody ever told me I could control thoughts let alone how big an influence they have on the flow of our lives.


Stumbling into Mark’s class was the equivalent of pushing the junker into the body shop. Everybody in the shop walks around the heap, pointing out the few undented areas, looking for any glimmers of hope.

Hope. A few months back I read the statement “Hope is not a Strategy”. Had it printed & hung on the wall for a while. But I took it down a couple of weeks ago because I needed something to hang on to, something to help me make it to the finish line. I didn’t need no damn strategy, I needed something to believe in, a ray of hope.

It must have worked. Tonight is as close as I have gotten to the deadline for my blog, and 20 minutes ago I was ready to head to bed. I pray than my perseverance will give someone else a bit of hope.

I believe in all of my classmates, hang in there. I hope your lives are better due to the generosity of Mark and the Fabulous Davene. Mine is.

And I thank my MasterMind partners, Daniel & Jim. You guys rock!


10 thoughts on “Week 22A – Hope

  1. Dave Bernstrom

    I believe in you too Rex. I love the analogy 🙂 You in a body shop too? After mom passed I painted cars for 5 years. When a rusty wreck came in we had a “term” for it. My partners son was out in the back yard one day hitting dog @#% with a hammer. When asked what in the world was he doing, the son replied “I wanted to see what hammered up dog @#% looked like dad…”


  2. 52grossmasterkey

    I have so enjoyed reading your posts every week. You have truly inspired me, probably because you said it in a way that also related to myself. I keep hoping too, hoping I can continue on my own.

    Liked by 1 person


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