Week 23 – Piglet

Gotta crank out a blog earlier than usual. I won’t be able to post late in the week and there ain’t no way I’m gonna miss one being this close to the end!

OK – Dr. MJ keeps asking if we are happier now than when we started this course. Are you?

I am. My youngest daughter has remarked that Janet & I both are more relaxed, happier, and “not so stressed”. So there, you have an expert’s opinion.



Piglet is happy. Oh, there are times when he is down, such as the time Owl takes over Piglet’s home after the big storm, but being Piglet, he agrees that it IS a nice home and that Owl WOULD be happy there. Content, polite, happy-go-lucky. I hope I can be like Piglet. Blissful with the beauty of a flower.

Yup, the class has been worthwhile, I would do it again, and I will continue with the reading, the cards, the affirmations. And I hope you do as well.

Wow – almost the end. Hang on!

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